Emerson Corvera, a citizen of El Salvador, has admitted to an illegal reentry charge, United States Attorney William Ihlenfeld announced.

Corvera was convicted in June 2016 in the Northern District of Florida for transporting women for prostitution.

The indictment alleged that at least 26 women were sold “by the session” as a part of the conspiracy.

Corvera was removed from the United States by ICE after that conviction.

Corvera pleaded guilty today to one count of “Reentry of Removed Alien Previously Convicted of an Aggravated Felony.”

He admitted to being in Berkeley County illegally in April 2022.

Corvera faces up to 20 years of incarceration and a fine of up to $250,000. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the actual sentence imposed will be based upon the seriousness of the offenses and the prior criminal history, if any, of the defendant.