WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) It was announced that the Jesuits community at Wheeling University and the Upper Ohio Valley will be reassigned to other apostolic works of the USA East Province of the Society of Jesus in the summer of 2022.

In a release, due to a declining number of Jesuit priests available for ministry, coupled with a large institutional presence in universities, high schools, and retreat centers in the eastern United States, the Province was compelled to inform the University and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston that the Province was no longer able to provide members of the Society for pastoral work at Wheeling University.

Rev. Ignatius Hadi Sasmita, SJ, Campus Minister; Rev. Richard McCouch, SJ, Director of the Appalachian Institute; and Rev. James Conroy, SJ, local Jesuit Superior, and retreat master will be reassigned.

The release continued to say that the University and the Diocese are still actively pursuing the possibility of having a rotation of teaching Jesuits who would spend a semester or a year at Wheeling University.

The idea so that future generations of Wheeling students might have the benefit of the Jesuit approach to higher learning.

The USA East Province of the Society of Jesus went on to thank the priests of the Society of Jesus for having brought many blessings to the students and faculty and they salute the great Jesuits who taught and served in administration at the University during its 68 years of existence.