WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– With the recent news of the Biden Administration cracking down on ghost guns, officials are questioning the driving force behind President Biden’s plan.  

Congressman David McKinley sat down with the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the West Virginia Manufactures Association for a roundtable discussion on Monday.

He was mainly addressing the country’s infrastructure and energy issues.  

But when it comes to cracking down on ghost guns, he disagrees.   

McKinley says this is not something that Americans are worried about right now.  

He says there are plenty more important things that should be the topic of discussion.

We don’t want registration and I think the NRA is saying the same thing and other people are saying… Just be careful before you start doing this.

If you’re doing it for political purposes that is one thing but let’s look at it realistically, is this going to enable them to have more control over registration? Because I am absolutely against registration of personal weapons.

Congressman David McKinley, West Virginia (R)

Following the discussion, both organizations announced their support for McKinley and will be endorsing him for the upcoming election.   

McKinley says he is a 7th generation West Virginian and says he is taking on this election with West Virginia people and West Virginia support.