Can’t get enough of Mothman? Bloody Disgusting reports Mothman Prophecies film director Mark Pellington, suggested at the Eerie Horror Fest in Pennsylvania over the weekend that a Mothman Prophecies streaming series is being planned.

According to the site, the 2002 thriller became a cult classic that is responsible for laughing the Mothman into American Folklore, even prompting Point Pleasant, where the cryptid creature originates, to hold an annual Mothman Festival.

The movie is based on the same name book published in 1975 by John Keels. It chronicles a young reporter who is drawn to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to investigate a strange series of allegedly true events including the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

It is still debated whether Mothman is an omen to these awful events, or the cause.

Bloody Disgusting reports there isn’t any further information now, but Pellington promises that more details will be revealed soon.

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