WEST VIRGINIA- The tornado spanned two states.

And it has been over two decades since Marshall County saw a tornado, the last in the St. Joseph Settlement area.

EMA Director Tom Hart believes this one that just passed through did more damage.

Treetops gone, barns and a couple of homes destroyed.

Hart says no one was injured,

and no one lost their life.

Over 100 homes are still without power Tuesday, compared to the hundreds last night.

And while Hart calls the storm impressive, that’s not the only thing that earns that title.

“Dallas VFD….. responded to try and remove some of the debris trying to get the roads open and up. But also too, you had community members. Residents from the Dallas Area that actually responded with their chainsaws. Um ATVs. That was probably one of the most impressive things I saw last night was how the community came together.”

Tom Hart, Marshall County EMA Director:

“In Ohio County there’s only been one since 1950. So this is kind of uncharted water for us. Because usually we always tell people the Ohio River Stops all of the formation. We get tornado spin ups further to the east. But recently we have had a lot of tornados in the panhandle. And also Western Washington County.”

Fred McMullen, Meteorologist with National Weather Service, Pittsburgh:

The National Weather Service sent crews Tuesday morning.

McMullen, with the NWS, says most tornados happen in May or July, making this tornado even rarer.

It could have been 400 to 500 yards wide.

The National Weather Service confirms there was a tornado that touched down around 6:30 PM Monday.

How long and how severe is what McMullen says they are assessing Tuesday

and will issue a rating later Tuesday evening.