WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – They’re there when you need them.

They put themselves in the line of danger and are the reason we feel safe at night. 

And tonight, just happened to be the Crime Stoppers Upper Ohio Valley Awards Banquet, which honored our law enforcement.

“It’s an exciting night for these folks,” said guest speaker, Roy Cavan.

It’s a big night for Chief Ryan Allar, Deputy Brad Mackey, Deputy Chad Nixon, and Sherri Van Tassel.

They’re all officers but what you see behind the badge is a hero.

“I’m very pleased. They do an excellent job,” Sheriff Dave Lucas, Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

They’re all awarded for their own heroic efforts.

Both deputies Brad Mackey and Chad Nixon were recognized for their valor for saving someone’s life.

Chief Ryan Allar was also honored, but for his career and work ethic, and Sherri Van Tassel for her community involvement.

They may not know them all personally like Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas does, but they’re all here to praise them including Roy Cavan the guest speaker of the night.

“In this day in age… I like to see people rewarded for extraordinary behavior.  A lot of times, with our local law enforcement, that may not be recognized. It’s a pleasure to be here. It’s an honor to be here,” said guest speaker, Roy Cavan.

Cavan was an officer like they were.

He began as a patrol officer and went into the F-B-I for 29 years and he continues to serve others as an officer and commander of a police academy.

Cavan, along with Sheriff Lucas, has nothing but gratitude for all these 4 officers have done.

“I just want to thank them personally,” Sheriff Dave Lucas, Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

“Thank you for your time. For those who take the courage and do the job, I have absolutely the most respect you can have,” said guest speaker, Roy Cavan.

They also honored former Probation Officer Steven Paul Git-lin the second, who passed away last year.