An Ohio man is being charged with making terroristic threats after allegedly telling employees he was going to get his gun at home, come back to the mine, and start shooting people.

Kenneth John Torok Jr. of Mingo Junction, Ohio was charged on January 25 for terroristic threats.

Marshall County Deputies say a member of security at the Blake Ridge Portal in Glen Easton contacted deputies saying Torok told two employees he was going to bring a gun and shoot up the place and that Torok called off work.

Deputies say they spoke to an assistant mine foreman who told deputies that recently everyone at the mine was addressed about work performance and demands, which may have caused tension in some employees.

One person at the mine site also told deputies that Torok was ranting about new management and the newly addressed work load.

Deputies also say the spoke to a shift foreman who said he spoke to Torok regarding his duties and that Torok ‘had it with’ the mine and that’s when Torok allegedly said he was going to bring a gun and shoot people at the mine.

Torok was arrested and was released on bond.