An Ohio man, known to the victim as “Uncle Skeeter” is facing charges of sexual assault in the third degree.

Glenn Allen Douglas Adams, also known as “Uncle Skeeter”, 37-years-old from Steubenville, OH, admitted to detectives in Brooke County that he touched a 14-year-old’s breasts, leg, and the vaginal area underneath and on top of her clothing with his hands, according to a criminal complaint.

The victim said this happened on her birthday at a relative’s house in Colliers, Brooke County West Virginia.

According to the criminal complaint, Adams touched the underage girl while she was sleeping on a couch in the living room.

Adams allegedly told the teen that he was “going to punch her or hurt her if she said anything”

Adams was in court on Friday for a status hearing. He has not pleaded to any charges at this time.

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