Shawna Safreed of Bridge Street Middle School has been selected as a top 10 finalist for the 2023 West Virginia Teacher of the Year.

Shawna began her teaching career with Ohio County Schools back in 2009 when she was hired as a Technology Integration teacher.

She currently teaches 7th-grade reading and is also known for her efforts outside the classroom.

Each year she organizes a summer book club for students and is planning a 5K color run. 

“Throughout the years we have seen a decline in people going into the teaching profession and I want to change that narrative, that teaching really is one of the best careers. We have the opportunity in front of us to change our society by being an example for our students in the classroom and that in itself is just so powerful,” says 2023 West Virginia Teacher of the Year Finalist, Shawna Safreed.

Safreed herself is a graduate of Ohio County Schools and says she is extremely honored to be named a finalist.