James Russell Loar, Jr., 40, of Washington, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison, to be followed by 15 years of supervised release, for traveling in interstate commerce to engage in sexual activity with a minor.

Loar must also register as a sex offender.

According to court documents and statements made in court, on May 27, 2021, Loar traveled from Washington, Pennsylvania, to Clay County, West Virginia, to have sex with a 14-year-old minor.

Loar had been communicating with the minor via Snapchat for nearly a year, and his communications with her were sexual in nature, according to documents.

According to the documents, the minor’s parents learned about his communications and informed him of her age, but his communications continued.

Allegedly, Loar traveled to Clay County, he met with the minor and invited her into his truck. 

The minor’s mother happened to be driving by and intervened, according to the court documents.

After he was arrested, the documents say Loar admitted to sending a pornographic picture to the minor as well as telling her that he wanted to perform sex acts with her.