Earth Day raises awareness for the protection of the environment and its sparking questions on what more Ohio County can to do fight back against pollution. It ironically starts with sending things to the landfill.

Ohio County residents poured in today to help clean up the community. No, it’s not recycling, but it’s a start.

A cleanup day that sends materials to a landfill may sound counterintuitive, but that’s what happened in Ohio County this week.

“Everything here is going to be landfill bound so you want to make sure that it is landfill appropriate,” says Ohio County Solid Waste Authority Executive Director Rebecca Friend.

The Ohio County Solid Waste Authority hosted two spring clean-up events to keep the community litter free.

They are utilizing landfills because not all materials can be recycled but some that are recyclable are still unable to be taken by the county.

This farmer and Ohio County resident Mike Blatt upset. “I think we do need to recycle virtually everything. This is the day and age where we should be able to recycle mostly everything…but we can’t. Where do we recycle glass? I don’t know where we recycle glass.”

Wheeling Solid Waste Supervisor Chris Helminski said they want to recycle glass here in the friendly city, but the recycling center they use does not accept glass.

He said other cities in the Ohio Valley are forced to haul their glass over 80 miles and a state away which significantly increases the cost.

To work around the problem, farmer Blatt has another strategy for non-recyclables.

“I do appreciate the need to reuse and repurpose.”

Rebecca Friend said to recycle what you can, so check your garbage before you toss it in the trash.

“Look at the numbers on the bottom of your containers. We have the Highlands recycling center and wheeling has a curbside pickup. You could always look at those things and see what you can recycle and then just do better.”

She says it starts with conversations and actions like today’s clean-up that put pride back into our community.

Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled, but a landfill is still better than your backyard.

The city of Wheeling would also like to remind residents of its Residential Recycle Program. For more information, you can visit the website.