Pool parties, art and STEM Activities, and community gardening are just some of the activities and programs available to kids at the North Wheeling Summer Youth Program.

The program is free and open to kids in grades K-12.

It takes place at the North Wheeling Community Youth Center, right next to the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple and it runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m until 1 p.m.

Free meals and snacks are available to kids throughout the day.

“Our big focus is on community and literacy and also just providing a safe space for the students. We have very diverse backgrounds and just giving them a space to socialize and be together and experience people with different backgrounds is think,” says, North Wheeling Summer Youth Program Coordinator, Oceanna Smith.

The program runs through August 5th.

Organizers say they hope to start a Back to School Program in Mid-September.