WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A Wheeling family with a set of twin toddlers and another baby on the way got a sweet surprise.

On of their twins received the West Virginia SMART 529 20th Anniversary college scholarship sweepstakes.

The parents, Lindsey and Dion Scripture, accepted the $20,000 check today at Oglebay Park’s Wilson Lodge, from W. Va. State Treasurer Riley Moore, and they were delighted.

“I have twin girls and this is Penelope and she is the winner of the $20,000 scholarship,” said Lindsey Scripture. “You can only imagine how shocked I was to find out that an 11-month-old won a college scholarship. But we’re so grateful to the Treasury Department for this opportunity.”

“We are going to have three drawings, though, so this is for October and then we’ll do one for November and one for December,” said Moore. “So it’s not too late to apply. You can just do that online at wvtreasury.com, find the sweepstakes on there and fill out the form.”

You need to be 14 years old or younger.

A parent or guardian has to fill out the form.

And the child and parent must be legal residents of West Virginia.

In this case, the Scripture family also entered their daughter Rosemary, Penelope’s twin sister.

But it was Penelope whose name was drawn.