It’s one of the tastiest traditions in the Ohio Valley.

The Undo’s Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival starts July 29.

One special part of the festival that had gone away for a while will be back.

Festival Board Member Bob Triveri says everybody asks him if Little Italy is coming back.

This year, he’s happy to say yes.

It won’t be in its former location on Heritage Trail.

He said there were drainage problems there that allowed water to collect on the ground ankle deep, which posed a danger with electricity.

So he says this year, Little Italy will be on 12th Street, adjacent to the main thoroughfare of the festival on Water Street.

It will feature a restaurant operated by area eateries.

“Ruttenbuck’s is going to do it Saturday,” said Triveri. “The owner is actually Italian. And Vito’s will do it Friday and Sunday. There will be pasta. There will be pasta makers and machines available for purchase. We’ll have Italian lunch meats like prosciutto, capicola, sopressata for people to buy. And if you go away hungry, as I always say, it’s your own fault!”

They’ll have a merchandise counter with festival mugs and memorabilia.

There are 58 vendors signed up to serve at the festival.

There’s a non-competitive classic car show, in which everybody gets a plaque.

On Sunday, there’s a Catholic mass at 10 a.m. and kids’ programs at 1, 2 and 3 p.m. presented by Robert Strong of the Smart Center.

There’s entertainment, and of course, Italian music in the background throughout the days.

There’s bocce for the adult teams.

It’s July 29, 30 and 31 at Water Street in Wheeling.