After a spring that can be described as rainy, chilly and gloomy, on Sunday the clouds lifted, the puddles disappeared and the temperatures rose.

It was warm and pleasant—even first thing in the morning—and it drew people and dogs outdoors.

Whether you went to the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park, the golf course, the ball park or Wheeling or Oglebay Park, there were plenty of things to do.

Parents enjoyed watching their kids play ball and pet owners unleashed their pups in the dog park.

In fact, it was a Goldilocks day—just right.

“Well, I try to walk every day but today is a nice day and I really don’t have anything else on my agenda so I’m going to go a little farther,” said Bernie Gaus of Wheeling. “I usually go about two miles. I’ll probably get in four today.”

“What a wonderful day to be in the parks!” said Nat Goudy, manager of Wheeling Park. “Our lake is actually open so people can come out and do some miniature golf or putt-putt, come out and enjoy yourself. Have a picnic, you know. It’s just a beautiful day.”

Golfers at Wheeling Park hit the links early.

And everywhere you went, the weather was the topic of conversation.

It got a grade of A-Plus.

The meteorologist became a popular character.