A video of a Japanese man is going viral because of a conversation with an alleged West Virginia man.


In the clip, the man says “You came from West vagina???” Or South vagina” and begins to immediately start singing ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver.

The video ends with both men discussing Orange County in California.

The video which can be viewed here

It was discovered that the Japanese man knew what he was doing in the video.

The Japanese man is a streamer named ‘tommyfountain.’

The video clip reached the front page of Reddit and ‘tommyfountain’ went to Twitter to post about it.

‘AAAAA my old west vagina clip was on reddit front page AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA embarrassing AAAAAAAAAAA.’

He added ‘ I just tried to embarrass Jake at the moment, but now it’s embarrassing me.’