A new West Virginia bill has been introduced that would let residents in the Mountain State wait until the age of 65 to renew their driver’s license.

House Bill 2943 says you would be mailed a notice 90 days prior to your 65th birthday.

The bill also states you would be required to update your license photo every 16 years.

The commissioner shall provide by rule a procedure by which an applicant who does not
meet the minimum vision standards for licensure may present evidence to show that his or her
vision has been corrected to meet the minimum visual standards and that he or she is capable of
safely operating a motor vehicle.

Also, the commissioner may not renew the driver’s license of an applicant whose eyesight
cannot be corrected to conform to the minimum vision standards established by this code and by the rules of the commissioner.

The bill is by delegates Ellington, Statler, Toney, Foster, and Kump