Merry Christmas from Miller Lite!

Miller Lite has unleashed a new holiday tradition. The world’s first Holiday Tree Keg Stand, so you can drink draft Miller Lite straight from your evergreen tree.

The Christmas Tree Keg Stand is a fully-functioning tree stand designed to fit perfectly around a quarter barrel keg of Miller Lite.

Great for gatherings with friends and family, the limited-edition Christmas Tree Keg Stand is
compatible with up to a five-foot tree and will be available for purchase in limited quantities
while supplies last.

“This season there’s truly no better gift to leave under a beer lover’s tree than the tree stand itself!” said Sofia Colucci, Global VP of Miller family of brands. “Last year, we decorated the tree with Beernaments and this year, we’re literally putting the gift of Miller Time right under the tree
with the Christmas Tree Keg Stand.”

On November 10th at 10 am ET, drinkers can buy knitwear, Beernaments and the Christmas Tree
Keg Stand here for $49.99, while supplies last. The tree and Miller Lite keg are
not included in the purchase.