WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA– A West Virginia child psychiatric hospital says they are open and staffed despite reports.

WTRF received multiple reports that all the staff at Orchard Park Hospital in Wheeling walked out of the hospital and patients needed to call their parents to pick them up at the hospital.

Orchard Park provided the following statement regarding the report:

“Orchard Park Hospital in Wheeling, West Virginia, remains open, is staffed with professionals, and continues to treat patients while training incoming employees, hospital officials confirmed on Friday.

Information referring to a small number of employees leaving the facility has given an inaccurate impression of the newly opened psychiatric hospital for children and teens aged 5-18.

Onboarding is the process of welcoming, orienting, and training new employees and clinical staff to a medical facility. Patients at Orchard Park Hospital are young, most have endured trauma, and the care that is needed can be emotionally demanding. Because of the specific training involved, and the type of patients being treated, the job is not suited to everyone.

The only temporary change for the hospital centers around the holiday season. The hospital will not be taking any new patient referrals until after the holiday season to ensure that current staff are able to take their planned vacations at this time.

Orchard Park Hospital opened in September 2023 with the mission to provide quick and vital access to care for area youth between the ages of 5-18 years old who are in immediate danger to themselves or others.

The 30-bed psychiatric hospital provides desperately needed acute mental health care for children and teens in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Orchard Park Hospital services will reduce the burden on local emergency rooms, where local children in mental health crises are sometimes housed for days without receiving appropriate psychiatric care at all. Treatment is often stalled until a bed opens up in a facility located sometimes many hours away from Wheeling.”

Orchard Park

Orchard Park Hospital opened its doors in Wheeling on September 25.

The 30-bed psychiatric hospital provides needed acute mental health care for children and teens in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

More information on the hospital can be found here.

Orchard Park Hospital is located at 2211 Eoff St. in Wheeling.