CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A family in West Virginia is outraged after they said an adult male flight attendant gave their underage daughter a note calling her “beautiful.”

Angie Settle, her husband and children were returning to Charleston after a graduation ceremony in New Orleans Saturday on PSA Airlines Flight 5263, a partner of American Airlines.

As they were exiting the plane at Yeager Airport, a 39-year-old male flight attendant allegedly handed a cocktail napkin to Settle’s teenage daughter. There was a handwritten note on the back saying: “You are so beautiful. Your eyes and voice mesmerizing. Text me or call,” and then he listed his phone number.

“To have her approached in this manner. You know there are things that go on these days with sex trafficking rings. And I know a lot about how people get groomed. They don’t come right out and ask for sex outright with kids. They try to build a relationship. I mean I hope that’s not the scenario here. I hope this is just one creepy guy that went against policy,” said Angie Settle, a Charleston parent.

7News partner, 13 News reached out to PSA Airlines for comment and received this statement: “We hold our team members to the highest standards of professionalism and we’ve launched an internal investigation related to this matter. At PSA Airlines, the safety and security of our customers is our top priority.”

Yeager Airport Police have also been notified.