West Virginia Governor Jim Justice says he plans to sue a West Virginia newspaper and reporter over ‘volumes of stuff.’

Gov. Justice said during his media briefing that he plans to sue Phil Kabler and the Charleston Gazette over Phil’s article on Sunday.

The column with the headline ‘Justice and Legislature’s opposition to masks and vaccines bear responsibility for many COVID-19 deaths in WV’ can be read here .

In the column, Kabler says he’s no health expert but he ran the COVID numbers compared to California and the state had a lower rate than West Virginia because stricter face masks, vaccination mandates, and a state vaccine rate over 70 % combined to help prevent death.

Gov. Justice was upset about the article during Monday’s briefing and even said he wished Kabler was hijacked on a train. Kabler was recently on a train ride in California.

‘He thought things were so marvelously good there that I wish to God above that someway, somehow he would have gone to California a long time ago, he was on a train when that was happening and it would have been wonderful in my book if the train would have been hijacked and he would have been kept in California forever,’ said Gov. Justice.

Gov. Justice claims that Kabler made fun of the handicaps of people at the Capitol and sent a letter to the Governor’s office in a rant with the ‘foulest language that you could come up with.’

Gov. Justice claims the Charleston Gazette should have fired Kabler.

Gov. Justice said the lawsuit is premature at this time but he plans to speak to Marshall and Doug Reynolds before he files suit.

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