During a media briefing, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the car and all vehicle tax elimination and protection of local government act.

Gov. Justice said he is proposing legislation to get rid of the car tax immediately without amending the constitution.

‘This means you can vote no on Amendment 2 and still get rid of your car tax,’ said Gov. Justice.

Gov Justice said the bill is ready when the House and Senate are ready to take up the bill.

Under the act, Gov Justice said, each year, all West Virginians who own a vehicle will receive a full dollar-to-dollar refund for personal property taxes paid in 2022 and every year forward.

The credit would be refunded and paid by the general revenue fund and does not interfere with the property tax revenue stream guaranteed to local governments and school boards, said Gov. Justice.

Gov. Justice said this would return 145M to West Virginia taxpayers and applies to this year’s tax.