In an exclusive interview with WTRF 7News, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice said he is leaning toward running for a Senate seat and that his announcement could come soon.

‘I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m still very,very,very seriously considering it. In fact, I’m probably leaning that way and you’ll hear an announcement real soon. I’m not one to tease people and mess around with it. I just don’t do that. At the end of the day, once I really know what I’m going to do we’ll make the announcement,’ said Gov. Justice.

Gov. Justice said his deciding factor is that Washington has ‘lost its way.’

‘We may absolutely be in a situation in this country to where we lose our country,’ Gov. Justice said.

Gov. Justice continued, ‘I’m adamantly opposed to what’s going on at the border, and what happened with Afghanistan, what’s going with energy, what’s going on with inflation, all the different things. I’m adamantly opposed to what’s going on with the Biden administration today because I think it’s crazy stuff a lot of times.

Gov. Justice also said he came to serve and that he’s a ‘patriot’ and if he can make a difference, he’s going to to do it.