(WTRF) A West Virginia judge sent his resignation to Governor Jim Justice on Wednesday, effective at the close of business, after being accused of brandishing a gun in a courtroom.

Judge David Hummel Jr. put in his resignation on Wednesday. He did not mention the alleged gun incident in his resignation letter.

Hummel was a judge for the Second Judicial Circuit which includes Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler counties.

In March, a Texas attorney claimed Hummel brandished a gun during a hearing in New Martinsville.

Hummel Jr. allegedly took out a Colt. 45 handgun and reportedly waved the gun in the air then placed it on the bench.

Hummel also allegedly showed the attorney a silver packet which he reportedly said contained anticoagulant for use in active shooter situations.

When 7News asked Hummel for a comment on the alleged gun brandishing, Hummel said he isn’t permitted to speak about the incident at this time. However, he said when he is able to talk about it, he will share his side with us. 

The West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission still has no reported charges on Hummel at this time.

In the letter, Hummel says, ‘It has been a terrific honor to serve in this role since January of 2009.’