A West Virginia man was sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of shooting a man in the head after an alleged argument over a portable generator.

On December 12, 2019, ambulances and police responded to Audrey Naylor’s home on Gatewood Road near the town of Fayetteville, West Virginia for an alleged accidental gunshot wound to Michael Johns,

It was found that Johns was the son-in-law of Audrey Naylor.

The investigation revealed that Johns was in the living room when Robert R. Jeffries, age 52 of Fayetteville who is the nephew of Audrey Naylor, entered the residence.

Witnesses reported that Johns and Jeffries argued over accusations that Johns sold Ms. Naylor’s portable generator to support a drug habit, according to the prosecuting attorney.

Johns was shot while on the sofa, and the bullet from the Derringer firearm Jeffries brought with him penetrated Johns’ skull and arm and went into a pillow on the couch according to officials.

Jeffries testified that he acted in self-defense and that he mistook the firearm for a tool he had left in a jacket pocket.

Jeffries was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and to five years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Jeffries was previously convicted of the felony offense of Third-Degree Domestic Assault in 2007.

Because of the prior felony conviction, the State filed a recidivist, or repeat offender charge, against Jeffries.

As a result, an additional five years was added to the voluntary manslaughter sentence. The Court ordered the sentences be served consecutively for a total sentence of twenty-five years.