A West Virginia native was recently featured on Fox News for being one of the bartenders/wait staff featured in the Hooters 2023 swimsuit calendar.

Grace Burchett, who attended West Virginia University, works at the Naples, Florida Hooters.

Burchett said to Fox News that she didn’t think she would make the 2023 calendar but it’s special to her to do so because it allows her to get involved in charity events and fundraising.

Burchett has graced the calendar twice since being an employee at Hooters and in 2023 she will be Miss March.

$1 of every calendar sold supports the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Fund as part of the “Give a Hoot” fundraising efforts. The calendar has raised over $1 million.

Burchett told Fox News that she will continue to try to change the narrative that people have with Hooters and that the company has worked hard to create more of a family friendly environment.

You can read the full Fox News article here, and you can follow Burchett on Instagram here.