West Virginia police are investigating an illegal deer kill that had a unique antler set.

West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officer Gieseke investigated a complaint of an illegal deer kill in southern Tyler County, West Virginia.

The illegally killed buck was said to have a branched main beam on the left side with four points or a split brow time with two main beam points. The right side of the antler set was supposed to have several points shorter in length scattered along the main beam.

Officers say a landowner and avid bow hunter had this particular buck under his treestand multiple times but he chose to pass on the deer so that it would grow to become even larger. That landowner drew the antler set on a piece of paper to assist in the investigation.

Officers say they visited the suspect’s residence and obtained a full confession from the suspects involved that the antlered deer in question was indeed illegally taken with a firearm prior to the firearm season.

Officer seized the evidence of the illegal deer and they also the firearm used in the offense. Further investigation also indicated that one of the suspects involved in the incident is possibly prohibited from the possession of firearms and a second firearm was seized from the residence. The investigation is ongoing and charges will be filed in the Tyler County Magistrate Court.