Police in Benwood, West Virginia say they are looking for a man that allegedly made a Marshall County, West Virginia 10-year-old girl try on thong underwear and pretend to be a young girl and have his girlfriend’s daughter send nude photos and videos.

Officials from Benwood say they are looking for John Edward Kady from Burgettstown, PA after they received a call from a Benwood resident to speak to a female and her 10-year-old daughter.

According to the police complaint, Kady goes by the name of EJ and Kady made the 10-year-old try on thong underwear for him.

While the 10-year-old was trying on the underwear in the bathroom, Kady would record the 10-year-old with his phone, according to police.

Police say the 10-year-old was still trying on underwear when she told Kady she would try on another pair but she had to go outside first. That’s when she went and told her brother what was happening and their mom called Benwood Police.

Detectives met the family and said that Kady took the 10-year-old into the restroom at the mall and was looking at her underwear.

Police say Kady called Benwood Police and said the allegations against him were false. Kady went and met detectives at the Benwood Police Station.

According to police, Kady arrived with his girlfriend and two daughters.

Kady allegedly told police that the 10-year-old did get changed in the bathroom but at no point was he the one that gave her the underwear. He allegedly told police that one of his girlfriend’s daughters gave the 10-year-old the underwear to try on.

Detectives told Kady that they would be obtaining a search warrant for his phone and Kady allegedly told officials that they would not find anything on the phone.

Officials say they spoke to the daughter of Kady’s girlfriend and she advised that Kady was the one that gave the 10-year-old underwear to try on and advised the 10-year-old to go outside after giving her the underwear.

Detectives say after speaking with the daughter of Kady’s girlfriend, Kady advised officials that he allegedly found porn on his girlfriend’s daughter’s phone. He allegedly said his solution was to pretend to be a young girl and text his girlfriend’s daughter to see if she would send nude photos. Kady allegedly told police that his girlfriend’s daughter did send him nude photos and videos but he deleted them right away.

Detectives say they received Kady’s phone records and there were nude photos of minors and videos of minors doing sexual acts. The video that Kady said he deleted was still saved on his phone, according to police. Officials say Kady’s internet search history on his phone consisted of “girl with butt plug,” “shirtless girl,” “little *****,” “can a girl *** before puberty,” and secret vibrating thong.”

Police say Kady is in violation of West Virginia codes such as the use of minors in filming sexually explicit conduct prohibited, soliciting a minor via computer; soliciting a minor and traveling to engage the minor in prohibited sexual activity, Distribution and exhibiting of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and Prohibiting child erotica

If you know of Kady’s whereabouts, contact the Benwood police at 304-232-2121