UPDATE: 7News has found the name of the escapee who was arrested yesterday after he escaped from police custody.

The arrested is Asael Jiminez-Garcia

West Virginia State Police say they are looking for a teenager who escaped police custody on his way to the Northern Regional Jail.

Police say Joaquin Luna-Hernandez, 18, escaped police custody around 3 PM on Monday.

They say Luna-Hernandez ran towards the Ohio River and continued northbound.

Luna-Hernandez is currently being sought and any individuals who recognize him are advised to contact their nearest police agency for arrest.

Police say Luna-Hernandez is 5’9, 170 lbs., with black hair, brown eyes, and a medium build.

Luna-Hernandez is not armed or dangerous at this time, police say

On Monday, another prisoner got away but was captured outside of Moundsville near the Ohio River, northbound

Police are not releasing the name of the subject that was arrested on Monday.

State police say the men were on the way to the Northern Regional Jail from Ohio County on human trafficking charges.

West Virginia state police say have continued their search for Luna-Hernandez overnight

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