WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) The shooting of three people at Kennywood shocked the entire area.

It was particularly shocking to parents who happened to have a child at the park at the time.

7News Anchor Rebecca Little was one of those parents.

On Saturday, Rebecca allowed her 15-year-old son, Roman, to visit Kennywood with three friends.

The mother of one of the boys drove them there and picked them up.

But as they were there, the shooting occurred.

It was something a mother never wants to hear.

“So I wake to him telling me that he’s safe, he’s OK,” Rebecca recalled. “But Mom, there’s been a shooting. So I’m like, what! So then his text back to me was police were everywhere. And people were screaming and yelling. And by the time he got out to the exit, there was a heavy police presence. And he said many police cars were there, and people were yelling and screaming everywhere.”

Roman and his friends got out to his friend’s mom’s car safely.

They didn’t hear the shots fired and got out so quickly that they were not among the trampled people.

Rebecca has four sons, and she’s good at being calm in a crisis!