A West Virginia Sheriff’s Department has deleted their Facebook page when they received negative comments following an infants death.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department deleted their page on Saturday.

News outlets are reporting that Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley took to Facebook for a video message one last time before they deleted the page to let the public know why they were disabling the page.

“Sorry, but I’m getting bashed and getting messages. People are just so rude and unfair, I’m praying for the family, praying for first responders. It’s just a terrible, terrible thing, but as of 2 o’clock there will be no more Fayette County Facebook page.”

The Sheriff added, “It’s the only option I have and I’m sorry it has come to this, pray for that family. To the people that made comments, that’s their right and that’s their freedom. I can’t delete them, and I’m not going to.”

It was noted that the County will still send out press releases to media outlets.

The body of an infant was found in a submerged car Friday in southern West Virginia after floodwaters swept through the state, authorities said.