SEVA WV plans to make the largest solar farm field at a former mining site.

The overall development includes 5,800 acres formerly known as the Hobet mining site, of which 3,000 acres will be developed as the state’s largest solar farm.

SEVA WV says the multi-phase plan includes industrial and commercial development, an educational experience, tourism & hospitality venues, that work together to make this project an epicenter for economic development creating new high-paying jobs and improving the quality of life for all West Virginians.

Devanna Corley, President of SEVA Inc. said, “I am inspired by the blank canvas presented in Boone and Lincoln Counties. There is a real opportunity to bring new business, grow population, develop tourism, and teach our children about the importance of renewable energy.

Governor Jim Justice said, “West Virginia is pleased to be a partner with SEVA WV. Mrs. Corley and her team have been relentless in their efforts to make this project a reality.” The State of West Virginia looks forward to supporting this very important project that will have a dynamic impact in Boone and Lincoln Counties and beyond.

“The State of West Virginia welcomes the opportunity to work with all potential investors to properly design the infrastructure that will fit the demands of today and years to follow on this and every project we undertake,” he added.