West Virginia’s voters rejected Amendment 2 in Tuesday’s election.

Governor Jim Justice (R) was a staunch opponent of the amendment and campaigned extensively across the Mountain State against it.

West Virginia Election Results

According to Justice, Amendment 2 proposes that 27% of West Virginia’s personal property taxes would be controlled by the state legislature. That would allow the Legislature to eliminate property taxes on business machinery, equipment and inventory. 

Gov. Justice discusses kids’ COVID vaccines and Amendment 2 during Monday COVID-19 briefing

Justice made multiple trips to the Northern Panhandle to make his case against the amendment.

Gov. Justice visits Wheeling and makes final push against Amendment 2

Speaking at Wheeling’s Independence Hall earlier this month, Justice called it a legislative power grab — and that the state would come to regret it if it passed.

That’s what’s going to happen when you give up local control to a big Charleston grab, big corporations are going to gain, average everyday people are going to lose, and at the end of the day, you’re just blowing your legs off in your own county, and that’s absolutely the worst, the worst, the worst.

Gov. Jim Justice (R-W.Va.)