CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Halloween is a time for fun and treats, not poisons. The West Virginia Poison Control Center (WVPC) medical experts recommend using caution and keeping safety in mind through the trick-or-treat season.

Candy Safety:

  • Store Halloween candy away from all medicines. Medicine may easily be mistaken for candy, especially if kept in the same area.
  • Keep all edibles up, away, and out of the sight of children, pets, and unknowing guests. These items can easily be mistaken for candy or snacks.
  • Throw away all candy with wrappers that are faded, torn, unwrapped, or partially wrapped.
  • Homemade treats may be made with the best intentions; however, only eat homemade treats from people you know.
  • Be sure to keep treats, especially chocolate and sugar-free candy, away from pets.

Costume Safety:

  • Only paint faces with paint labeled as being non-toxic and for use on the face.
  • Glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces are popular costume additions but do not allow children to put these items in their mouths, chew on them, or break them open.

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