PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) The trial of Madison Wine, a 16-year-old girl at the time, accused of setting the fire that killed her adoptive parents Robert Taylor, 58, and Charolette Taylor, 52 is expected to occur next week.

According to newsandsentinel, Wine has been charged with first-degree arson and murder after a fire on May 5, 2019, in Davisville.

A pre-trial was held before Wood County Circuit Judge J.D. Beane where the defense and special Prosecutor Josh Downey were working on trial stipulations in advance of the trial, reported newsstandsentinel.

In those stipulations, they included details of what happened the night the fire occurred at Taylor’s residence where Wine resided.

The paperwork continues to state that the fire was started by Wine and what was used was either an accelerant or gasoline.

After the fire began, Wine ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911 and report the fire, newsandsentinel reported.

Robert and Charlotte died in the fire along with the family dog but a 6-year-old girl was able to be rushed to Camden Clark Hospital where she sustained injuries including smoke inhalation but later recovered.

Wine gave a statement to State Fire Marshal Jason Baltic that she started the fire.

The other stipulations are related to Wine’s records. Her psychological records, her records from the Lorrie Yeager Juvenile Center, reports from two doctors, and any records or exhibits included in the investigation report by Baltic.

According to newsandsentinel, court paperwork, dated Nov. 30, 2020, said Wine intended to offer a defense of insanity at the time of the offense.”

The trial is expected to begin on Monday with jury selection before Judge Beane.