(WTRF) A woman who was terminated from McDonald’s says she was allegedly discriminated against for being a black pregnant woman.

Gloria Chaney, 31, from Kanawha County, said in a complaint she was hired as a biscuit maker for McDonald’s in 2019 but in 2020 a white woman was hired for the same position who didn’t follow McDonald’s uniform standards and at one time removed her bra and left it on the counter.

The woman did not get in trouble for her antics nor did she get in trouble for not doing her assigned duties, such as cleaning the dishes, Chaney claims.

Chaney said she found out she was pregnant in March 2022, that’s when Chaney stressed concern about her duties to her General Manager.

According to the West Virginia Record, a few days later Chaney spoke to the other biscuit maker when she didn’t do her dishes. Chaney claims the woman raised her voice and left the store but Chaney was suspended for her actions.

Chaney claims that she asked to return to work after the suspension was over but was never put on the schedule. According to Chaney she eventually received a termination letter saying she “got in another crew person’s face in an aggressive manner and threatened violence.” 

The West Virginia Record says Chaney accuses McDonald’s of violating the West Virginia Human Rights Act and the Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act and intentionally inflicting emotional distress.