A West Virginia woman from Kanawha County says she was fired from her job because she didn’t wear a hat while working at Pizza Hut.

Elizabeth Watkins claims she can’t wear a hat at work because she suffers from migraines.

According to the West Virginia Record, Watkins has a prescription for her illness.

Watkins allegedly told her supervisor about the issue and provided a doctor’s note, but according to the news outlet, the supervisor requested that Watkins wear a toboggan or ski hat.

Watkins allegedly decided not to wear a hat, toboggan or ski hat. She claims she was given fewer hours to work and then she was fired on February 19, 2022.

Watkins accuses Pizza Hut of violating the West Virginia Human Rights Act and not accommodating her disability.

Pizza Hut says Watkins was not given fewer hours in retaliation for not wearing a hat and that Watkins was fired for not accepting an in-store job that didn’t require a hat.