The 4th of July is approaching fast and that means fireworks.

In 2016, the fireworks laws changed to let West Virginians purchase and use consumer firework.

“Consumer fireworks” means small fireworks devices that are designed to produce visible effects by
combustion that are required to comply with the construction, chemical composition and labeling regulations promulgated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission under 16 C.F.R. Parts 1500 and 1507 (2014), and that are listed in APA Standard 87-1.

Consumer fireworks do not include sparkling devices, novelties, toy caps or model rockets.

West Virginians can already purchase hand-held and ground-based sparkling devices, such as hand sparklers and fountains. These have been legal in West Virginia since 2006.

Consumer products in West Virginia include:

  • Sky Rockets and Bottle Rockets
  • Missile-Type Rockets
  • Helicopter and Aerial Spinners
  • Roman Candles
  • Multi-Aerial Mine and Shell Devices
  • Aerial Shell Kits
  • Reloadables
  • Firecrackers

To purchase fireworks in West Virginia, you must have a valid I.D and be 18 years or older.

The laws in West Virginia says that there are some prohinted conduct with fireworks such as:

  • A person may not intentionally ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks on public or private property without the express permission of the owner to do so.
  • A person may not intentionally ignite or discharge any consumer fireworks or sparkling devices within or throw the same from a motor vehicle or building.
  • A person may not intentionally ignite or discharge any consumer fireworks or sparkling devices into or at a motor vehicle or building, or at any person or group of people.
  • No person should be allowed to purchase or ignite or discharge fireworks if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substance.

Some cities also have their own ordinances. Such as Wheeling which does allow the use of certain fireworks within city limits for those wishing to celebrate the holiday. They include sparklers, fountains, party poppers, snaps, smoke devices, and various non-propellant noisemakers.