AMIGO, WV (WVNS)– A family in Wyoming County is struggling to get to-and-from their home because the bridge in front of their house is severely damaged.

The Whitt family has lived in their house for generations, and the bridge has held up for over 20 years. After a particularly bad storm, however, the creek rose extremely high and tore away boards from the bridge, leaving the family stranded or having to find other dangerous ways to get across.

Since then, the Whitts spent more than $14,000 out-of-pocket to make what repairs they can, but it is still not safe to drive across.

Catherine Whitt, who is also disabled, now has to rely on her son to push her across the bridge in her wheelchair anytime she has to leave the house.

“It’s crazy,” said Whitt. “It drives me crazy worrying about one day what’s going to happen.”

Whitt worries every day for her own safety and for her grandchildren’s safety, with one grandchild who is as young as two years old. She has also already been injured while using a medical lift and the wheelchair to get across.

“My lift kind of tilted and I ended up with some broken ribs and cracked ribs.”

Not only does the situation inhibit Catherine’s daily life, but it stops her from getting to the doctor every week.

“It’s hard to get out every week in a situation like this,” said Whitt. “I mean, I don’t know where else to turn.”

Whitt made several calls to FEMA and other government officials but has yet to receive any outside help to completely fix the bridge. Now she simply hopes something can be done to help herself and her family through this difficult situation.