Road work is something we are more than familiar with in our area. But – when the roads are unfamiliar or blocked off, how can we make sure that we stay as safe as possible on the road? 

Crashes occur because of the unexpected, and the orange cones and barrels in a construction zone contribute to the confusion. 

Right now, the major construction you should be aware of is occurring on I-70 and Route 2. 

Lt. Josh Sanders that if you follow the simple rule of slow down, back off, hang up – you will be eliminating the distractions around you contributing to the work on the roads. 

“Slow down so that you can see the traffic pattern that’s there. Back off from the car in front of you so you have that reaction time. All of those things will help you in any driving situation, especially a construction zone.”

Lt. Josh Sanders – Wheeling Police Department

Proceeding with caution is the number one tip for driving in general but is extremely important in areas where roadwork is heavy. 

Speeding through construction zones is an extreme hazard, and fines have the potential to be doubled if you were to be pulled over. 

It is important that you’re watching out for others, just as much as you are watching out for yourself to keep everyone safe no matter what route they are taking. 

The Wheeling Police Department has posted Friendly Neighborhood Traffic Cop videos on Facebook addressing many of the issues that they see on the roads, and how you can do your part in resolving them.