INTERNATIONAL (WTRF) — The International Energy Agency says world coal usage will reach a new record this year, according to a report from ABCNews.

The heavily polluting fossil fuel demand has increased to more than 8 billion metric tons, which has surpassed the 2013 record. The agency, based in Paris, reported that coal use increased 1.2% from 2021.

The agency continued to say that the next few years will see similar levels as there is an absence of transitional movement to clean energy options. They noted that emerging Asian economies are using more as developed countries are using less.

Coal will remain the global energy system’s largest single source of carbon dioxide emissions.

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The use of coal and other fossil fuels needs to be cut drastically to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) this century.

Experts say the agreed upon target set at the 2015 Paris climate accord will be hard to meet due to the reality of a 1.2 degrees Celsius rise in world temperatures since pre-industrial times.

The Russian War with Ukraine have driven higher prices for natural gas and is part of the increased statistics for coal-generated power.

The agency’s director of energy markets and security, Keisuke Sadamori, stated that the world is close to a peak in the use of fossil fuel, and coal will be the first to be discarded, reported Frank Jordans of the Associated Press.

China, the world’s largest consumer of coal energy recently stated that it plans to boost production through 2025 so they don’t repeat the power outages they experienced last year.

Europe, still clamoring to replace Russian energy supplies, have reopened some shuttered coal-fired power plants in some of their countries.

Emerging economies such as South Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam have signed investment agreements with rich partner countries, during 2022, that will help them reach their renewable energy goals with wind and solar.