One local organization is presenting a unique and creative project intended to bring awareness and information to crime victims. 

It’s all thanks to a for Victims of Crime. As part of National Crime Victims Right Week, The Wheeling YWCA will present Reality at a Glance.

It’s a homemade film, using local actors that depict crimes that the YWCA addresses locally.

The film includes five different sections each showing a different crime.

At the end of each section there will be a list of resources crimes.

Crimes include human trafficking, domestic violence, homelessness and hate crimes.

“I think often times we think of crimes and victims of crimes as sort of someone that we give sympathy to but not necessarily empathy. This gives you the opportunity to try to be in their shoes instead of looking at them as someone..Oh this is so unfortunate that it happened to them. It’s more of a..this happened to them but it could happen to someone I love and it just brings you closer to all of these problems which often times seem further away from us.”

The film will be shown in the back of West Virginia Northern Community College this Friday around 8 p.m.

It’s free to the public and each person in attendance will receive a t-shirt.

You will need to bring your own seat or lawn chair .