New Martinsville, W. Va. (WTRF)-Less than 24 hours after strong storms ripped through the Ohio Valley, The National Weather service sent a team to survey the damage in Wetzel County.

One of the hardest hit areas was just off Route 7 in the New Martinsville area.

The National Weather Service can confirm no tornados touched down, but strong winds and large hail reportedly blew through. At it’s worst the winds, picked up to 70 to 80 miles per hour.

There are reports of considerable tree and house damage, but it’s mostly localized. Matthew Kramer with the National Weather Service has been tracking the damage. He says he found several trees snapped, whole trunks splintered, and some damage to houses. He believes the strong winds caused most of it.

Although no tornados hit, Kramer says strong winds are still very intense.

“70 mph wind can take down large trees. It can cause damage that looks like a tornado and feels like a tornado when you’re in the midst of it. When there is a severe thunderstorm warning take precautions to save your life and property.”

Matthew Kramer, the National Weather Service

Kramer says most of the damage in New Martinsville area is cleared off, but cautions people to stay away from the storm damage.