New Martinsville spouses flight canceled three times, says treated ‘like a criminal’ in Canada

Wetzel County

TORONTO, CANADA/WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Flights are being delayed and canceled left and right as a rumored pilot shortage hits the country.

But one New Martinsville husband is fighting desperately to get his German wife home.

She was stuck in Canada going on 48 hours after her connecting flight to the U.S. was cancelled three times.  

Sunday, Jarred Harris was driving to pick up his wife traveling from Germany to the Pittsburgh International Airport. He made it all the way to Weirton before he got the call that Nina’s connecting flight out of Toronto, Canada would be canceled and the next one not scheduled until Monday.

This would not be the first and last cancellation with Air Canada.

This trip was actually supposed to be a sell on me convincing her to move to the United States.

Jarred Harris, Distraught husband from New Martinsville

Nina says the one-hour flight now morphed into a blanket-less night’s stay on the airport floor, only to see a food voucher the next day. 

People who got rebooked, they took us to the international section again and left us there. And, they told us we would get food vouchers and night kits provided there but no one ever did and every person we asked said, ‘No, we don’t do that. We don’t have that.’

Nina, speaking from Toronto’s Airport

Monday morning, re-entering through customs, the re-book was to Cleveland via Air Canada. Jarred drove all the way to East Liverpool before yet again an all but vanishing hope. 

Right before the flight was supposed to be boarding, they cancelled that flight again. 

Nina, speaking from Toronto’s Airport

She said she was not the only flight cancelled. She knows two other re-bookings were cancelled as well. She says she felt helpless as she tried to figure out her options with an Air Canada worker. 

I was pretty devastated. I started crying. He told me that he would give me a voucher for a hotel. Which I found pretty confusing because I researched that before I entered Canada. I was pretty sure I was not allowed to do that. 

Nina, speaking from Toronto’s Airport

She’s talking about the current COVID policy in Canada which makes it so no one other than Canadian citizens can enter the country without quarantining. And she quickly found when she went to leave the airport for the hotel, she was right. 

Officially entered Canada. But since I didn’t have proper permission to do that, I was becoming an issue for the immigration center. And then they dealt with me and I felt like a criminal. 

Nina, speaking from Toronto’s Airport

Immigrations searched for a flight to Pittsburgh, but that, too, was cancelled. They took her photo and told her that this would be marked on her European VISA, an ESTA, as a red-flag if she were to enter Canada again.

And regarding her Tuesday flight… 

If she did not come back to immigrations the next day, they were going to put a warrant out for her. 

Jarred Harris, Distraught husband from New Martinsville

Jarred says three cancellations does not fly. He even thought about driving to the border to pick up his scared wife, but U.S. citizens still are not admitted into the country. 

Pilot shortages. I think that’s pretty well-known but to be cancelling that many flights, that’s pretty deceptive. If you’re canceling that many, you know you’re overbooking.

Jarred Harris, Distraught husband from New Martinsville

Jarred says Nina was escorted by an officer onto the plane Tuesday set for Columbus. It landed around 4:30 PM. This is the first good news the couple has had in the past 48 hours. 

7NEWS reached out to Air Canada on multiple platforms and did not hear back.

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