Heading into his 52 year coaching Mike Young is just as excited as ever to lead his team into another season with the focus of getting back to the super six.

“We felt like we were in the hunt, we got to the state semis we got beat. We’ve got to play better as a team we’ve got to play better in the conditions and the elements are and what they do. But we know what we have to do and I think our kids have worked hard showing that and I think were ready to go.”

Mike Young- Head Coach

Central welcomes a huge freshman class of 22 along with a number of key returning players. Upfront they return seniors Deante Suggs, Wyatt Bratton , Andrew Hartzell and Braden Whitelatch. With Junior Lucca Ferrera and sophomore Haji Marin also in the mix. In the backfield they return pair of seniors Riley Watkins and Lorenzo Ferrera. The fullbacks are senior Parker Watkins and freshman Wyatt Brady. Senior Peyton Hilldebrand returns at quarterback and he has a number of receiving options including senior Paxton Marling at Tight end.Receivers include sophomore Braden McWreath and Trey Dunn , juniors Lucan Galberth, JJ White, Jayden Redman and Noah Loy and freshman Max Olejasz.

“We have a great front p there with returning veterans in the backfield the same thing good kids good experience and great leadership from our kids on and off the field and that’s huge in the chemistry of your team so were looking forward to going out and playing hard together and be a winning team.”

Mike Young- Head Coach

Defensively You’ll see Marling , Suggs, and Bratton at the ends.
The inside linebackers are Parker Watkins, Loy, Seth Cover and Hayden Mueller. Outside you have Eli Tucker, Riley Watkins, Lorenzo Ferrera. With McWreath, Dunn, Redman and freshman Eli Sancomb in the defensive backfield.

“We’ve got to be aggressive read react and get to the ball defensively we’ve got to read what our keys are dont over react on the pass or run and play do your job first and get to the ball.”

Mike Young- Head Coach

Central will open their season at Ambridge on the 26th.