WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — During the month of February, the medical community shines a light on the nation’s number one killer, heart disease.

It’s designated as American Heart Month.

The goal is to raise awareness about the risk factors of heart disease.

Doctors say it’s vital to recognize early symptoms of heart disease, which could be as subtle as not sleeping well or extreme fatigue.

People are encouraged to live a heart heathy lifestyle not only for themselves, but to learn life saving techniques to help others as well.

“Best way to treat heart disease is not by me. It’s by you yourself. The best way is to prevent it.”

Dr. Deepak Hooda. Cardiologist, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

” I was attending a community event and a patient began experiencing symptoms and eventually collapsed and we had to perform CPR in the middle of nowhere with no resources and we were able to perform effective CPR and saved her life and she’s here to talk about it today.”

Crystal Pietranton, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

Medical professionals also say that if you are experiencing any type of symptoms, time is the most important factor. They say not to wait but to seek medical treatment right away.