WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital announced that three sets of twins were born within eight hours of each other.

The three sets were born on Dec.12- Dec 13.

WVU Wheeling Hospital says Nicole Fuscardo and Clay Johnson from Martins Ferry welcomed their twins Saylor and Luka into the world within a half-hour of each other on two separate days.

Also, Carrie and Tim Bledsoe of Moundsville are the proud parents of Callie and her brother Cooper who was born on Monday, Dec. 13.

The names of the third set of parents and twins were not given but the twins were born on Dec. 13.

“I have been in practice for over 37 years and have delivered approximately 12,000 babies. This is the first time that I have delivered three sets of twins – all my own patients – within eight hours,” Peter Bala, MD, said. “It was truly an honor to attend these deliveries and I am grateful to Dr. Emily Morris for helping me with two of the deliveries as my hands were very full! Special thanks to the nursing staff for helping to deliver all these little miracles at Medical Park! I have one more set of twins to deliver soon for a total of four sets in six days. What a great way to celebrate National Twins Day on December 18!”