WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A rising Wheeling Park sophomore has returned from a life-changing experience.

Kaleb Trimmier was one of many outstanding high school students from across the nation to go to Envision’s NYLF, also known as the National Youth Leadership Forum.

Trimmier’s experience from the program may surprise you.

He’s done a lot at Johns Hopkins University. He’s explored different fields of medicine, learned about mental health and gained a lot of hands-on experience.

Trimmier says he practiced performing basic techniques himself. That includes fracture reduction and earning a certification for Stop the Bleed Program. He also witnesses a simulated birth.

Trimmier says he learned a lot over the summer and is thankful for the experience.

“It was really a great opportunity for growth. I got to participate in all sorts of activities, get hands-on with real medical equipment, see a lot of things you don’t see anywhere else, and I got to meet a lot of people with the same interests as me. So, I was really happy about that, too.”

Kaleb Trimmier, WPHS rising sophomore

Trimmier has big goals to eventually attend medical school. He wants to focus his studies on pathology.