WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — For 28 years, Wheeling Park High School hasn’t just brought us a Christmas concert…they’ve crafted a festival of sound on the J.B. Chambers stage.

This Friday through Sunday, the choirs, bands and orchestra will sing, strum and drum together to finish the first half of the school year.

Each of them rehearse individually and then come together this week for the final practices.

Staff and students say the preparation is intense, but the combined power of 300 members is a magical audio-visual experience.

We have the collaboration and the preparation with the directors that starts way back in the summertime, and then we bring in parent volunteers, and we’re working on programs and lighting and audio and video, so there are so many little parts that have to be put into motion to make the full event happen.

Joyce Jingle, Choir Director, Wheeling Park High School

This week is definitely the hardest, but everything leading up to just getting to show all of our family and friends and everyone who comes to this, it’s just incredible to see all the work pay off.

Laykin Milton, Senior, viola player and soprano singer

Those in the seats can expect to hear sacred songs, the favorites from the radio and new pieces.

The shows will be at 7 o’clock on Friday and Saturday, with a 2 pm matinee on Sunday.