WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — With an urgent need for blood donations all across the nation as well as here locally, some area high school students are stepping up to help the cause.

The Safety & First Aid Club at Wheeling Park High School hosted a blood drive today at the JB Chambers Performing Arts Center.

They were hoping to collect over 30 units of blood, which would qualify the club for a $250 scholarship to be awarded to one of their seniors.

Students took on a number of responsibilities leading up to and throughout the blood drive.

“We have students doing all kinds of things. We had a recruitment team. They went out and asked all of the teachers and their friends to donate and sign up, so they will be here today. Then we got kids coming in all day long just to hang out and see what’s going on “

Stefani Freeman, WPHS Teacher. Safety & First Aid Club Mentor